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Port of Augusta

The port of Augusta is an important Commercial mooring and Military base.
Its particular characteristics, with its depth, its broad expanse of water, allow interior berths for ships of all sizes also its central position along the routes of international traffic in the Mediterranean, make it an important industrial port and transit international.
Main Italian oil port with over 32 Mln tons of liquid bulk handled, considering that 60% of the national fuel needs are met by the refining done in petrochemical complex next to the port of Augusta.

  • Surface pond 23,000,000 sq.m.
  • Medium draft: 14-18 m with 22 m tips
  • Dams marquees length: 6500 m
  • Number of available berths: 46
  • Piers total length: 6850 m
  • Total quays length: 1200 m
  • The surface areas are of more than 250.000 mq

They are some numbers regarding the port of Augusta.

The climate is mild most of the year with rare climatic phenomena that can compromise the operation of the port, consider that it was decided to declare the closed port only in the last 10 years 8 times.

Prevailing winds
39% from W, 19% from NW, 13% from NE, 11% from SE, average speed of 4 knots.


The Augusta Bay is made up of three large sections:

  • Xifonio Port which is the part of the sea between  Punta Izzo and Punta Carcarella.
  • Megarese Port: is the interior of the harbor section of the north / west coast bounded by the northern dams, Central and South. Stretching for 9 km north-south direction and 4 km towards East – West.
  • The Priolo Breast: is the area located in front of oil refineries and is from the southern Megarian dam and Magnisi Peninsula.


Businesses will exclusively take place within the Megarese port .
It is accessed through two openings: the main, Levante and the secondary Scirocco, these interrupt the breakwater into three sections: the northern, central and southern.
To access the port using only the mouth of the east and practices put prow alignment entry (273°51’).

The alignment is defined by two lights in intermittent white light:

  • Alignment Front – isophase lighthouse white light, period 4 sec., Range 12 Mn of Punta Gennalena
  • Alignment Rear – white flashing light beacon, 5 sec., Range 17 Mn on Dromo Giggia